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Currently there are no genuine copies of Ryan Stygar's The Emperor of Vegas available for sale.

A fully revamped second edition of The Emperor of Vegas is coming soon. The new release is scheduled for Spring 2020.


Stay tuned for future updates! 

They call him The Emperor of Vegas

Dimitri Jordan is more than a casino-tycoon. He also controls the entire Las Vegas drug trade. 

But when a murder-for-hire plot goes terribly wrong, he locks horns with the Russian Mafia. What follows is the bloodiest gang war in Las Vegas History. 

When blood spills onto the streets, Police Sergeant Adrian Ramirez is on the case. He wants to bring Dimitri Jordan to justice, but the conspiracy to keep the Emperor in power grows deadlier by the day.

Caught in the middle is Adam Friend. He's a single father who gambled everything - and lost. Desperate to win his daughter back, he'll go all-in one last time. 

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"I was hooked from the start, and the action kept building in a complex, captivating way. You won’t be able to put this book down!"
-Sam McGovern, San Diego CA
"The story sucks you in and keeps you guessing!!"
-HM, San Diego, CA