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Snot Rocket and the Weapon of MATH Destruction


There’s BIG Trouble in Space!

Doctor NoseBleed has hijacked the International Space Station and kidnapped its astronauts. Now he is threatening the world with his latest and most devious invention.


There’s only one kid who can save the day: Snot Rocket!

He's a 4th grader with a NOSE for justice. His Nuclear Nostril has incredible powers, but will it be enough to stop Doctor NoseBleed?

All he has to do is defeat an army of space-bats, fight an evil cyborg and solve a secret math puzzle. 

Snot will have some help from friends, including a CIA agent and even a giant snail from outer space.

Get ready for a wild ride, as they team up to defeat Doctor NoseBleed and his Weapon of MATH Destruction!

Snot Rocket and the Sahara Scandal


Deep in the sands of Egypt, an ancient curse has come to life!

A powerful jackal guardian named "Jack" has kidnapped the President! Jack has mysterious magical powers that no one can explain. Even worse, he's locked the President somewhere within the Pyramids. There's only one kid who can save the day:
Snot Rocket!

In this booger-powered adventure, Snot battles crocodiles, mummies, and a deadly maze filled with tricks and traps. It's a race against time as Snot hurries to stop Jack's evil plans.


Will Snot's science be enough to defeat Jack's magic? Get ready to find out, as Snot embarks on his most dangerous mission yet:

The Sahara Scandal!