The Emperor of Vegas

Dimitri Jordan is the most powerful gangster in Sin City. But when a murder-for-hire plot goes terribly wrong, he locks horns with the Russian Mafia. What follows is the bloodiest gang war in the history of Vegas.

Trapped in the middle is Adam Friend, a single father who gambled everything and lost. Now, he'll roll the dice one last time . . .

Revised and revamped for 2020!

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Understanding Trial Objections

A straightforward guide for students and practitioners

Cases are won and lost by the evidence.  Understanding how to get your evidence in (while keeping your opponent's evidence out) is essential to winning your case.

Included in Ryan Stygar's book is a unique "triage" system to methodically raise and overcome 31 basic trial objections.

Understanding Trial Objectons by Ryan Stygar

Snot Rocket and the Weapon of MATH Destruction

He's a 4th grader with a NOSE for justice. Get ready for big laughs and action-packed fun with this hilariously educational adventure.

In his debut mission to save the world, Snot Rocket goes head to head against his worst enemy: the evil cyborg, Doctor NoseBleed!

Snot Rocket Book

Snot Rocket and the Sahara Scandal

Snot Rocket is back! When an ancient Egyptian curse comes to life, a powerful jackal guardian kidnaps the President! Now, it's up to Snot Rocket to save the day.

Get ready for booger-powered adventure in this hilariously fun sequel!

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Snot Rocket and the Frosty Arctic Reign of Terror

Brrr! There’s a cold front coming in. Snot Rocket has saved the world many times, but now a new villain is threatening life on Earth.


He’s a mutant polar bear from planet Neptune, and he won’t rest until the Earth is frozen solid. 

Join Snot and his friends as they battle a fleet of metal WarWhales, freeze-rays, snowball cannons, and of course, FrostByte.

It's Snot's coldest and most action-packed adventure yet!

Snot Rocket 3 - Full Size cover

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